My name is Jennifer, and I specialize in wedding and couples photography. That means I devote my attention and resources to documenting love stories just like yours! I’m a bright and airy wedding photographer that focuses on details and storytelling. I serve the Atlanta area, the state of Georgia, and the Southeast. I’m available for travel anywhere! I don’t just take pictures at your wedding—I create art, preserve moments, and capture emotions. (And I’ll probably dance along to the Macarena at your reception, just a heads up.)

Keep reading to learn more about me. I'd love to hear from you and get to know you better as well!

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I am a natural light photographer with a bright and airy style that is classic and timeless. Over the years, I have found my true love lies in wedding photography. I love all kinds of portrait photography, but I really fell in love with weddings. After I shot my first wedding (as a third-string shooter!) I was instantly hooked. The magic, the excitement, the glitz, the tears... I absorb it all, and I transcribe it into photographs.

I am a strong supporter of equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Love is love, and I am thrilled to photograph that love in every aspect and appearance and from all walks of life. 

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My goal as your photographer is to build a priceless relationship with you. I will be by your side during one of the biggest days of your life, and I do not take that responsibility lightly. I'm not just your photographer, but your friend as well. I will cry with you, cheer for you, and celebrate with you. I stay in touch with my clients long after the photos have been delivered. I honestly love my job, and I would love to share that passion and joy with you! 

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I strive to give my clients an unforgettable experience for their wedding photography. That's why I call my service "The Wedding Experience!" With me, you don't just get a photographer that shows up to your wedding and takes some pictures—you get a friend and helper! I'm your extra set of hands on the wedding day, ready to carry your bouquet or fluff your dress or pin the boutonnières on the guys. I'll help you find your other vendors, or I'll be a sounding board for your ideas. I've had brides text me photos of the dresses they try on when they go dress shopping! Because I believe in cultivating a relationship with you, I want to get to know you as much as possible before your wedding day, so that we are comfortable with each other and you get the best photos possible. That's why I include engagement sessions with my packages. Spending time together in a fun engagement session before the wedding really helps us make a connection, and I can deliver more heartfelt photos when I feel involved in your love story. 

My philosophy

a few of my

Disney movies will always be my favorite. My absolute favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. 

My favorite place to visit is Savannah, Georgia. That's where we went for our honeymoon. I dream of visiting Paris and London one day!

Lavender is my favorite color. Can you tell?


favorite things


my favorite season

I know we live in a time where everyone's favorite season is supposed to be fall, but I can't help it! I get so happy when the winter temperatures start to warm up, and the trees begin to bloom. 

I adore flowering trees and I look forward to the week or two every year when the dogwoods and cherry blossoms are in bloom! It's my favorite time of the year! Plus nothing beats the gorgeous glowing sunlight of spring and summer!


is spring


my love language

I could probably fill an entire website with all my favorite dishes and orders! I love to eat, and if we schedule a meeting, you can bet I'll have a donut with my coffee, or some nachos with my margarita!

I practically live off Mexican food, and Dr. Pepper is like holy water to me.


is food


my style

My style of photography is very bright and airy and full of glowing light and pops of color.

I believe that your wedding photographs should just radiate with love and joy and happiness, to truly capture the beauty of the day.

Trends come and go in wedding photography. My style is classic and timeless to create a lasting legacy.


bright, airy, joyful



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